Added blueprints of tasks in progress and tasks to be done.

If you are working on one of these and your name is not assigned please
let me know.  If you are able to assign yourself that'd be even better
but I'm not sure exactly who can do what.  Also, if you are working on
something that is not listed here, also let me know or add it yourself.

There are more blueprints that need to be defined but hopefully this
gives a good jumping off point for anyone who wants to contribute.  Some
blueprints may end up not needing at all, some may only be needed for
discussion, some may need to be split up into multiple blueprints.  The
point is to get these listed out and its easy to know what is being
worked on.

So I propose we have a process in place from now on for work items:

1) If you want to work on something, assign yourself (or talk to someone
who can assign) to an existing blueprint or create a new one
(preferrably after everyone agrees its essential for 0.5).
2) Discuss details with everyone about requirements, implementations,
etc.  You can also update the status of the blueprint to "Discussion" (I
don't know if we want to be strict about that or not, I personally don't
3) Change the description of the blueprint to a detailed description of
what you plan to do.
4) Change the status to "Started" (I think this should be mandatory)
5) Do blueprint (in whatever form is necessary)
6) Change status of blueprint appropriately

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