Good to know we will have Ironic support. I can help the integration.

Let me clarify the situation as Horizon core team. I wonder why it is ASAP.
Horizon is released with integrated projects and it is true in Juno release
Ironic is still incubated even if it is graduated for Kilo release.
What is the requirement for graduation? More detail clarification is needed.
All teams of the integrated projects are focusing on Juno releases and
we all features will be reviewed after rc1 is shipped. The timing is a bit


2014年9月3日水曜日、Josh Gachnang<j...@pcsforeducation.com>さんは書きました:

> Hey all,
> I published a patch to add an Ironic API wrapper in Horizon. Having code
> up for Horizon is a graduation requirement for Ironic, so I'd like some
> eyeballs on it to at least tell us we're going in the right direction. I
> understand this code won't land until after Ironic is integrated.
> Another developer is working on the Horizon panels and other parts, and
> will have them ASAP.
> Review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/117376/
> ---
> Josh Gachnang
> Tech Blog: ServerCobra.com, @ServerCobra
> Github.com/PCsForEducation
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