Hi everyone,

Feature freeze is upon us, and with it, its inevitable 20-hour deep gate
queue. At this point the goal is to complete as many features as
possible before we tag juno-3 (ideally on Thursday). Given the queue
depth, anything that's not already in-flight has little chances of
making it by juno-3.

In order to preserve the gate for those last feature patches and reduce
the amount of disruptive feature freeze exceptions, I would like to ask
all core reviewers to stop approving random changes to the gate until
juno-3 milestone is completed.

That means at this point, only approve critical bug fixes, regressions,
security bugfixes or patches that directly complete a targeted feature.
Do *not* approve random bugfixes, or the 3rd patch in a series of 10
that you clearly know won't make it all in time for feature freeze.

Later today I'll be in touch with PTLs (or their release monkey) to
untarget all features that are not already gating: only features with
approved patches stuck in the gate will be kept on the list.

Thanks for helping us do a successful Juno release!

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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