Hi All,

While investigating glanceclient gating issues we narrowed it down to requests 
2.4.0 which was released 2014-08-29. Urllib3 seems to be raising new 
ProtocolError which does not get catched and breaks at least glanceclient.
Following error can be seen on console "ProtocolError: ('Connection aborted.', 
gaierror(-2, 'Name or service not known'))".

Unfortunately we hit on such issue just under the freeze. Apparently this 
breaks novaclient as well and there is change 
(https://review.openstack.org/#/c/118332/ )proposed to requirements to limit 
the version <2.4.0.

Is there any other projects using requirements and seeing issues with the 
latest version?

-          Erno (jokke_) Kuvaja

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