On Wed, 3 Sep 2014, Sandy Walsh wrote:

Is there anything slated for the Paris summit around this?

There are plans to make plans, but that's about all I know.

I just spent nearly a week parsing Nova notifications and the pain of
no schema has overtaken me.

/me passes the ibuprofen

We're chatting with IBM about CADF and getting down to specifics on
their applicability to notifications. Once I get StackTach.v3 into
production I'm keen to get started on revisiting the notification
format and olso.messaging support for notifications.

Perhaps a hangout for those keenly interested in doing something about this?

That seems like a good idea. I'd like to be a part of that.
Unfortunately I won't be at summit but would like to contribute what
I can before and after.

I took some notes on this a few weeks ago and extracted what seemed
to be the two main threads or ideas the were revealed by the
conversation that happened in this thread:

    * At the micro level have versioned schema for notifications such that
      one end can declare "I am sending version X of notification
      foo.bar.Y" and the other end can effectively deal.

    * At the macro level standardize a packaging or envelope of all
      notifications so that they can be consumed by very similar code.
      That is: constrain the notifications in some way so we can also
      constrain the consumer code.

    These ideas serve two different purposes: One is to ensure that
    existing notification use cases are satisfied with robustness and
    provide a contract between two endpoints. The other is to allow a
    fecund notification environment that allows and enables many

Is that a good summary? What did I leave out or get wrong?

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