Thanks for your question, and for your interest in Solum. Our current dev 
environment setup relies on devstack to produce a working OpenStack environment 
for Solum to run within. We have noticed lately that our devstack setup does 
not always work. Because we are checking out devstack code from a repo that is 
frequently changing, and there are not unit tests for everything devstack can 
configure, sometimes it does not work. Also we have noticed that there may be 
some things that devstack does that are not deterministic, so even if it does 
pass a test, there is no guarantee that it will work again if the same thing is 
repeated. Sometimes it is hard to tell if the problem is Solum, or devstack.

We have discussed ways to mitigate this. One idea was to select a particular 
devstack from a prior OpenStack release to help cut down on the rate of change.

We also considered additional functional tests for devstack to run when new 
code is submitted. I suppose we could run testing continuously in loops in 
attempts to detect non-determinism.

All of the above are opportunities for us to improve matters going forward. 
There are probably even better ideas we should consider as well. For now, we 
would like to help you get past the friction you are experiencing so you can 
get a working environment up. I suggest finding us in #solum on Freenode IRC, 
and let's try to sort through it.


Adrian Otto

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From: Alexander Vollschwitz
Date:09/03/2014 4:33 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [openstack-dev] [solum] Consistency of development environment


I've been looking at Solum for about a couple of months now, with the
goal of eventually contributing to this project. First off, my apologies
if this is the wrong place for my question.

I'm currently getting familiar with project structure, source code, and
also trying to set up the dev env via Vagrant, following the Quick Start

Here I need some advice. During my most recent attempt to set up the dev
env two days ago, I hit two problems: after devstack provisioned OS,
q-dhcp and q-l3 were not running. The former refused to start due to an
updated version requirement for dnsmasq (see that was not
met, the latter did not start due to problems with openvswitch.

I resolved both issues manually in the VM, all the while thinking that I
must be doing something wrong. (Well I'm pretty sure I am.) On the other
hand, I had similar problems getting the dev env up during earlier
tries. So what is the right way to get a consistent setup of a Solum dev
env? Are the instructions from the Quick Start guide linked above not
current? Do I need to configure different branches/tags, or use
different repos all together?

Sorry again if this is the wrong place to ask!
I hope I can make useful contributions soon.


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