Next week the Oslo team will be releasing a new version of oslotest that 
replaces its use of the “mox” library with “mox3". This will allow us to 
prepare a packaged version of oslotest that works on both python 2 and 3, which 
is necessary for porting some of the other Oslo libraries as well as 
applications which are trying to use Oslo and support python 3.

mox3 has the same API as mox, so if your test suite uses oslotest.moxstubout 
you shouldn’t notice any difference.

If you are using oslotest but also import mox directly in some of your test 
modules and do not have an explicit dependency on mox, your tests will break. 
There are two ways to fix them: change them to use the moxstubout module to get 
a mox instance or add mox to your test-requirements.txt list. The first 
solution, using moxstubout from oslotest, is preferred because it means your 
test suite is one step closer to being python 3 ready. However, updating 
test-requirements.txt may be a less invasive change and so it might be more 
expedient to use that approach for now.


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