Hi all!

The Juno 3 milestone has been tagged, and I am very proud of everyone
who worked on it, especially over the last few weeks while I was away.


We had targeted 14 blueprints to this milestone, and managed to land
13 of them! This includes a large number of new features and drivers
which were under development for most of the cycle (some even in
development for more than one cycle). Below is a short summary of the
new drivers:

- ironic-python-agent support (what Rackspace OnMetal is using)
- iLO power driver and virtual-media deploy driver
- DRAC power driver
- SNMP power driver
- IPMI double bridging support (eg. for Moonshot or similar
high-density chassis)
- iPXE support

UEFI boot support was not quite ready, and has been given a
feature-freeze-exception for one week.

Many thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to implement and
review all these features, helping to make this the most featureful
milestone in Ironic's history!


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