On 09/03/2014 02:10 PM, Vladik Romanovsky wrote:

I had several pacthes in "start lxc from block device" series. The blueprint 
was waiting since Icehouse.
In Juno it was approved, however, besides Daniel Berrange no one was looking at 
these patches.
Now it's being pushed to Kilo, regadless of the fact that everything is +2ed.

I've reviewed all the patches in this series. The last one had a couple things to address, but otherwise, +2s from me. As mentioned, I'll sponsor the FFE on this.

Normally, I don't actively pursue people to get approvals, as I was getting 
angry pushback from cores,
at the begining of my way with openstack.  I don't understand what is the 
proper way to get work done.

Don't pursue to get approvals. Persue to get reviews :) And don't worry about finding folks on IRC or email (not the ML) to ping about re-reviewing patches. It's common and expected.



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