(James E. Blair) writes:

> If you're ready to give it a shot, here's what to do:
>   pip install gertty
>   wget 
>  -O ~/.gertty.yaml
>   # edit ~/.gertty.yaml and update anything that says "CHANGEME"
>   gertty
> It will walk you through what to do next.  For help on any screen, hit
> F1 or "?".
> For more information on installation or usage, see the README here:

Of course it's that easy.  If you already have a Gerrit HTTP password.

But you probably don't.

Gertty uses Gerrit's new REST API, all over HTTP.  To dodge all those
complicated issues about how to authenticate a REST API user when web
access is authenticated with OpenID or LDAP or x.509 or whatever, Gerrit
can generate a password for use with the REST API.  To do this, visit
the following URL:

And click "Generate Password".  Copy the resulting value into your
~/.gertty.yaml file.

Also, if you aren't into saving passwords in plain text files, you can
omit the password entry entirely from the YAML file, and Gertty should
prompt you to enter it on startup.  You'll still need to use the
randomly generated password from Gerrit as described above.


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