There was a review once that tried to move the evzookeeper to using kazoo, 
perhaps that can get reprioritzed??

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> On Sep 5, 2014, at 6:36 AM, "Sean Dague" <> wrote:
> While reviewing this zookeeper service group fix in Nova -
> it was exposed that the
> zookeeper tests aren't running in infra.
> The crux of the issue is that zookeeper python modules are C extensions.
> So you have to either install from packages (which we don't do in unit
> tests) or install from pip, which means forcing zookeeper dev packages
> locally. Realistically this is the same issue we end up with for mysql
> and pg, but given their wider usage we just forced that pain on developers.
> But it seems like a bad stand off between testing upstream and testing
> normal path locally.
> Big picture it would be nice to not require a ton of dev libraries
> locally for optional components, but still test them upstream. So that
> in the base case I'm not running zookeeper locally, but if it fails
> upstream because I broke something in zookeeper, it's easy enough to
> spin up that dev env that has it.
> Which feels like we need some decoupling on our requirements vs. tox
> targets to get there. CC to Monty and Clark as our super awesome tox
> hackers to help figure out if there is a path forward here that makes sense.
>    -Sean
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