As I mentioned in a prior email I think that, although we're in agreement on 
what needs to be done before splitting out the scheduler into the Gantt 
project, I believe we have different views on what that agreement actually is.  
Given that we have multiple people that actively want to work on this split I 
would like to try and put down the specifics of what needs to be accomplished.

As I see it the top level issue is cleaning up the internal interfaces between 
the Nova core code and the scheduler, specifically:

1)      The client interface

a.       Done - we've created and pushed a patch to address this interface

2)      Data-base access

a.       Ongoing - we've created a patch that missed the Juno deadline, try 
again in Kilo

3)      Resource Tracker

a.       Identify what data is sent from compute to scheduler

b.      Track that data inside the scheduler

c.       Not started yet (being discussed)

These to me are the critical items for the split.  Yes there are lots of other 
areas/interfaces inside Nova that should be cleaned up but the goal here is to 
split out the scheduler, not to refactor every interface inside Nova.

Feel free to correct this email but I really want to make sure we all are in 
agreement on the same thing so that we can actually get something done.

Don Dugger
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