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Today  I am searching for a solution to distribute OpenStack over several 
geographies/availabilitiy zones and we found one from Huawei in [1]. In short, 
it's a classical centralized solution like Eucalyptus cloud [2], whereby there 
is a central control for all clusters in a top down topology. The central 
control actively collects available resource from each cluster and also proxy 
the request from one cluster to the other one.

>From my point of view this is where OpenStack comes to play and be different 
>from Eucalyptus when OpenStack goes to the direction of a decentralized and 
>distributed system. This is why I have some doubts about the solution from 

My question is if we have anything for distributed OpenStack over geography 
before? A decentralized OpenStack Cluster can be thought as follows:

Each cluster has their own control node (nova-scheduler, neutron-server..), and 
has its own data base to work independently whereby:

1.       Each cluster stores available resources of its local cluster only (for 
DB Sharding). This data does not need to be shared between clusters. And the 
API from one cluster can ask for healthy states from another one when needed.

2.       All information about one tenant across multiple clusters, i.e tenant 
network, VMs info and meta data, should be shared the same and eventually 
consistent across clusters. For example: neutron-server creates a tenant 
network in its cluster, this tenant network information will be published to 
all other clusters data base for L2 population.

3.       Any NoSQL DB out there can help for DB Sharding and Eventually 

4.       Each cluster can have its own keystone server (Trust Provider). Each 
Trust Provider issues its trust, which also be trusted by the other provider if 
both providers trust each other certificates, similar to Web services SSO like 

Hope to get some feedbacks from you.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenStack_cascading_solution
[2] https://www.eucalyptus.com/eucalyptus-cloud/iaas

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