On 09/08/2014 03:46 AM, Dmitry Mescheryakov wrote:
Hello Fuelers,

On the previous meeting a topic was raised on how Fuel doc team should
work with bugs, see [1] for details. We agreed to move the discussion
into the mailing list.

The thing is there are two members in the team at the moment (Meg and
Irina) and they need to distribute work among themselves. The natural
way to distribute load is to assign bugs. But frequently they document
bugs which are in the process of being fixed, so they are already
assigned to an engineer. I.e. a bug needs to be assigned to an
engineer and a tech writer at the same time.

I've proposed to create a separate series 'docs' in launchpad (it is
the thing like '5.0.x', '5.1.x'). If bug affects several series, a
different engineer could be assigned on each of them. So doc team will
be free to assign bugs to themselves within this new series.

Mike Scherbakov and Dmitry Borodaenko objected creating another series
in launchpad. Instead they proposed to mark bugs with tags like
'docs-irina' and 'docs-meg' thus assigning them.

What do you think is the best way to handle this? As for me, I don't
have strong preference there.

One last note: the question applies to two launchpad projects
actually: Fuel and MOS. But naturally we want to do this the same way
in both projects.

Hi Dmitry!

Good question and problem! :) This limitation of Launchpad has bugged me for some time (pun intended). It would be great to have the ability to assign a bug to more than one person.

I actually think using tags is more appropriate here. Series are intended for releasable things. And since we'd never be "releasing" just a docs package, having a docs series doesn't really work. So, though it's a bit kludgy, I think using tags is the best solution here.

All the best,

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