The Oslo team is pleased to announce the release of version of 
oslo.messaging, our first release candidate for oslo.messaging for juno.

This release includes:

$ git log --oneline --no-merges
6ea3b12 Imported Translations from Transifex
fbee941 An initial implementation of an AMQP 1.0 based messaging driver
a9ec73f Switch to oslo.utils
48a9ba4 Fix Python 3 testing
265b21f Import oslo-incubator context module
f480494 Import oslo-incubator/middleware/base
7381ccd Should not send replies for cast messages
4cb33ec Port to Python 3
710dd17 Sync jsonutils from oslo-incubator
2464ca0 Add parameter to customize Qpid receiver capacity
220ccb8 Make tests pass with random python hashseed
92d5679 Set sample_default for rpc_zmq_host
dd1d6d1 Enable PEP8 check E714
ec9ffdb Enable PEP8 check E265
8151da8 Enable PEP8 check E241
ba5b547 Fix error in example of an RPC server
7fdedda Replace lambda method _
500f1e5 Enable check for E226
63a6d62 Updated from global requirements
bea9723 Add release notes for
d020cb8 Add release notes for stable/icehouse 1.3.1 release
6684565 Bump hacking to version 0.9.2
5fbb55b Add missing docs for list_opts()

Of special note is the experimental AMQP 1.0 driver.

Please report issues via the launchpad bug tracker:


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