Yesterday, the switch-over to glance_store[0] landed. I'm really happy
about this since it'll, I believe, help us to clean up the code in
glance and have a better abstraction for the storage code. These are
just 2 of a set of really important benefits. Anyway...

I'd like to give a heads up to everyone contributing (or willing to) to
store related code. That code is not under `glance/store` anymore but in

If you have some extra time, please help us double check that no patches
landed in `glance/store` without a proper backport to `glance_store`.

>From now on, all fixes/features/etc related to store drivers code will
need to first be proposed in `glance_store` and then backported to
stable branches.

In addition to the above, I'd like to ask for help with testing that
this switch-over didn't break anything unexpectedly. If you care about a
store that is not tested in the gate, please, do test it in your own

If anything comes up, do not hesitate to contact me or any other


Flavio Percoco

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