So this is the patch to move the repo on Stackforge:

Of course, I copy/paste Gerrit permissions from tripleo-image-elements
project, so people core in tripleo-image-elements will obviously be core
on tripleo-puppet-elements.

Emilien Macchi

On 09/08/2014 07:11 PM, Emilien Macchi wrote:
> Hi TripleO community,
> I would be really interested by helping to bring Puppet elements support
> in TripleO.
> So far I've seen this work:
> which is a very good bootstrap but really outdated.
> After some discussion with Greg Haynes on IRC, we came up with the idea
> to create a repo (that would be move in Stackforge or OpenStack git) and
> push the bits from what has been done by HP folks with updates &
> improvements.
> I started a basic repo
> that could be moved
> right now on Stackforge to let the community start the work.
> My proposal is:
> * move this repo (or create a new one directly on
> github/{stackforge,openstack?})
> * push some bits from "agroup" original work.
> * continue the contributions, updates & improvements.
> Any thoughts?

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