Bug squash day worked well on 9/9 -- squashing and triaging bugs, bringing
the openstack-manuals backlog to about 400, with 50 in progress even now!
The openstack-api-site backlog went to about 200 with 15 in progress. We
also had some fairly new docs contributors join in -- thank you everyone
who helped out.

__In review and merged this past week__

This week was about bug squashing!

__High priority doc work__

Install Guide testing starts in earnest once packages are available and
with feature freeze this should be in the next week or so. We've been
keeping up with both CLI and config reference patches at milestone releases.

__Ongoing doc work__

The separate Networking Guide is still ongoing. Nick Chase has been
interviewing contractors to pick up the work that still needs to be done,
thank you Nick. Shaun McCance has moved to other contracts, thank you Shaun
for your efforts.

__New incoming doc requests__

Security Guide authors, there is interest in specializing your book by
Cisco, and I wanted to let everyone know how exciting this is. I've asked
them to look at the bug backlog and see what they could contribute upstream
also, and they're willing and interested. The vision is that upstream docs
can be reused and repurposed so I'm happy to see this vision become
reality. I'm finding out if there are any particular mechanics needed so
stay tuned.

__Doc tools updates__

We should have a new release of the clouddocs-maven-plugin in the next 2
weeks with these features, mostly API reference-focused:
Fix css padding-top for Rackspace output https://review.openstack.org/108156
Add the title of the service to API reference
Add fanatiguy to Rackspace API Ref https://review.openstack.org/112703
Add support for yaml syntax highlighting:
Allow error phrase to be listed with response code:

__Other doc news__

I've been clarifying what it means to be incubated from a documentation
perspective on this wiki page. Most recently the Manila project was
incubated and they're looking into how docs are incubated and integrated.

The training team will discuss whether a separate program incubation
application makes sense for them at their next team meeting, held Mondays
at 12:00 Central in #openstack-meeting.

An end user interest group has been having a lot of discussion on the
user-committee mailing list. I wanted to be sure docs people know that the
Foundation is seeking input on developer.openstack.org and looking for an
app ecosystem community manager. If you know someone doing great work on
cloud apps on OpenStack, please join us on that mailing list thread and let
us know.
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