On Tue, Sep 09 2014, Matt Riedemann wrote:

> I noticed this change [1] today for global-requirements to require tooz [2] 
> for
> a ceilometer blueprint [3].
> The sad part is that tooz requires pymemcache [4] which is, from what I can
> tell, a memcached client that is not the same as python-memcached [5].
> Note that python-memcached is listed in global-requirements already [6].

You're not going to control the entire full list of dependency of things
we use in OpenStack, so this kind of situation is going to arise anyway.

> The problem I have with this is it doesn't appear that RHEL/Fedora package
> pymemcache (they do package python-memcached).  I see that openSUSE builds
> separate packages for each.  It looks like Ubuntu also has separate packages.
> My question is, is this a problem?  I'm assuming RDO will just have to package
> python-pymemcache themselves but what about people not using RDO (SOL? Don't
> care? Other?).
> Reverting the requirements change would probably mean reverting the ceilometer
> blueprint (or getting a version of tooz out that works with python-memcached
> which is probably too late for that right now).  Given the point in the 
> schedule
> that seems pretty drastic.

python-memcached is a terrible memcache client, which does not support
Python 3. pymemcache is way better than python-memcached, and everybody
should switch to it. When we started tooz from scratch a year ago, there
was no point starting to use a non-Python 3 compatible and "crappy"
memcache client.

pymemcache shouldn't be a problem to package anyway. :)

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