On 09/12/2014 01:36 AM, Boris Pavlovic wrote:
> Kurt, 
>     Speaking generally, I’d like to see the project bake this in over
>     time as
>     part of the CI process. It’s definitely useful information not just for
>     the developers but also for operators in terms of capacity planning.
>     We’ve  
>     talked as a team about doing this with Rally  (and in fact, some
>     work has
>     been started there), but it may be useful to also run a large-scale
>     test 
>     on a regular basis (at least per milestone). 
> I believe, we will be able to generate distributed load and generate at
> least
> 20k rps in K cycle. We've done a lot of work during J in this direction,
> but there is still a lot of to do.
> So you'll be able to use the same tool for gates, local usage and
> large-scale tests.

Lets talk about it :)

Would it be possible to get an update from you at the summit (or mailing
list)? I'm interested to know where you guys are with this, what is
missing and most importantly, how we can help.

Thanks Boris,

Flavio Percoco

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