On Fri, 12 Sep 2014, Doug Hellmann wrote:

We could use a git hook (see my earlier message in this thread) or we
could add a command to tox to remove them before starting the tests.
Neither of those solutions would affect the runtime behavior in a way
that makes our dev environments fundamentally different from a
devstack or production deployment.

For reference, I've always been in the habit of managing automated
tasks in code checkouts with a Makefile that has targets with
depencies: e.g 'make test' will always do the 'clean' target and
'clean' does something like find . -name "*.pyc" ...

My stumble into openstack to find tox being the one _visible_ source
of automation was quite a shock. Things like git hooks do not count
as visible, despite being useful.

The idea being that the systems we work with as developers need to
be both discoverable and introspectable. Or to be clear:

tox, in general, is vaguely magical, and it would be a shame to add
some more. Yes, the pyc thing screwing with your stuff is bad and
bit me hard a few times but once I knew what it was what I really
wanted was a quick (and centrally approved) way to do 'make clean'.

I guess tox -eclean or something would be the same but it feels
wrong somehow.

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