IN IRC the topic came up about supporting many-to-many load balancers to
amphorae.  I believe a consensus was made that allowing only one-to-many
load balancers to amphorae would be the first step forward, and
re-evaluate later, since colocation and apolocation will need to work
(which brings up another topic, defining what it actually means to be
colocated: On the same amphorae, on the same amphorae host, on the same
cell/cluster, on the same data center/availability zone. That should be
something we discuss later, but not right now).

I am fine with that decisions, but Doug brought up a good point that
this could very well just be a decision for the controller driver and
Octavia shouldn't mandate this for all drivers.  So I think we need to
clearly define what decisions are the responsibility of the controller
driver versus what decisions are mandated by Octavia's construct.

Items I can come up with off the top of my head:

1) LB:Amphora - M:N vs 1:N
2) VIPs:LB - M:N vs 1:N
3) Pool:HMs - 1:N vs 1:1

I'm sure there are others.  I'm sure each one will need to be evaluated
on a case-by-case basis.  We will be walking a fine line between
flexibility and complexity.  We just need to define how far over that
line and in which direction we are willing to go.

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