Had to laugh about the PILE OF POO character :) Comments inline...

On 09/12/2014 01:52 PM, Chris St. Pierre wrote:
We have proposed that the allowed characters for all resource names in
Nova (flavors, aggregates, etc.) be expanded to all printable unicode
characters and horizontal spaces: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/119741

Currently, the only allowed characters in most resource names are
alphanumeric, space, and [.-_].

We have proposed this change for two principal reasons:

1. We have customers who have migrated data forward since Essex, when no
restrictions were in place, and thus have characters in resource names
that are disallowed in the current version of OpenStack. This is only
likely to be useful to people migrating from Essex or earlier, since the
current restrictions were added in Folsom.

As this will affect the public REST APIs, the change should have a blueprint spec at the very least written for it. I don't remember why precisely the restrictions were put in place to begin with, but I'd imagine it probably had to do with early database schemas that may not have supported UTF-8 on the name columns by default.

Unfortunately, to my dismay, we "addressed" this in a number of projects (like Nova) by just changing ALL string columns to UTF-8, which, as I've stated a few times on the ML and in meetings, blows up index and temporary table sizes dramatically in MySQL. We should really be using UTF-8 on demand for columns like names. Having UTF-8 character set and collations on string fields for, say, UUID fields, is a giant waste of space.

Anyway, all this to say, "yeah, there really shouldn't be restrictions like this on the name columns, but we need to be careful about changes to public APIs and it would be good to have the API microversioning in place before we accept such a change."

2. It's pretty much always a bad idea to add unnecessary restrictions
without a good reason. While we don't have an immediate need to use, for
example, the ever-useful http://codepoints.net/U+1F4A9 in a flavor name,
it's hard to come up with a reason people *shouldn't* be allowed to use it.

LOL. Love it. Somebody at a public cloud should trademark the first public PILE OF POO flavor name.


That said, apparently people have had a need to not be allowed to use
some characters, but it's not clear why:

So I guess if anyone knows any reason why these printable characters
should not be joined in holy resource naming, speak now or forever hold
your peace.


Chris St. Pierre
Senior Software Engineer
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