Maybe this blueprint can meet some of your requirements? It allows specification of MTU for a network instead of a subnet, though.

Xu Han

On 09/12/2014 01:01 AM, Jonathan Proulx wrote:
Hi All,

I'm hoping to get this blueprint
some love...seems it's been hanging around since January so my
assumption is it's not going anywhere.

As a private cloud operator I make heavy use of vlan based provider
networks to plug VMs into exiting datacenter networks.

Some of these are Jumbo frame networks and some use standard 1500 MTUs
so I really want to specify the MTU per subnet, there is currently no
way to do this.  I can get it globally in dnsmasq.conf or I can set it
per port using extra-dhcp-opt neither of which really do what I need.

Given that extra-dhcp-opt is implemented per port is seems to me that
making a similar implementation per subnet would not be a difficult
task for someone familiar with the code.

I'm not that person but if you are, then you can be my Neutron hero
for the next release cycle :)


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