Some of the specs had a significant amount of detail and thought put into
them. It seems like a waste to bury them in a git tree history.

By having them in a place where external parties (e.g. operators) can
easily find them, they could get more visibility and feedback for any
future revisions. Just being able to see that a feature was previously
designed out and approved can prevent a future person from wasting a bunch
of time typing up a new spec for the same feature. Hardly anyone is going
to search deleted specs from two cycles ago if it requires checking out a

Why just restrict the whole repo to being documentation of what went in?
If that's all the specs are for, why don't we just wait to create them
until after the code merges?
On Sep 15, 2014 6:16 AM, "Kyle Mestery" <> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 4:52 AM, Kevin Benton <> wrote:
> > I saw that the specs that didn't make the deadline for the feature freeze
> > were removed from the tree completely.[1] For easier reference, can we
> > instead revert that commit to restore them and then move them into a
> release
> > specific folder called 'unimplemented' or something along those lines?
> >
> No, I don't think there's value to keeping specs along which never
> made a release. The point of the specs repo is to track things which
> made the release.
> > It will be nice in the future to browse through the specs for a release
> and
> > see what specs were approved but didn't make it in time. Then if someone
> > wants to try to propose it again, their patch can be to move the spec
> into
> > the current cycle and then they only have to make revisions rather than
> redo
> > the whole thing.
> >
> It should be easy to re-propose the specs for inclusion in Kilo once
> that opens up. You can grab a version of the repo before the removal
> commit, pull out the spec, update it and re-propose it.
> > It also reduces the number of hoops to jump through to quickly search
> for a
> > spec based on keywords. Otherwise we have to checkout a commit before the
> > removal and then search.
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