Excerpts from Sean Dague's message of 2014-09-15 16:02:04 -0700:
> On 09/15/2014 07:00 PM, Mark Washenberger wrote:
> > Hi there logging experts,
> > 
> > We've recently had a little disagreement in the glance team about the
> > appropriate log levels for http requests that end up failing due to user
> > errors. An example would be a request to get an image that does not
> > exist, which results in a 404 Not Found request.
> > 
> > On one hand, this event is an error, so DEBUG or INFO seem a little too
> > low. On the other hand, this error doesn't generally require any kind of
> > operator investigation or indicate any actual failure of the service, so
> > perhaps it is excessive to log it at WARN or ERROR.
> > 
> > Please provide feedback to help us resolve this dispute if you feel you can!
> My feeling is this is an INFO level. There is really nothing the admin
> should care about here.

Agree with Sean. INFO are useful for investigations. WARN and ERROR are
cause for alarm.

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