Below is the beginning of a spec I'd like to get into Kilo.  Before
going into detail, it occurred to me that a basic decision needs to be
made, so I'd like to get thoughts on the api Alternatives mentioned below.

Chuck Carlino (ChuckC)

Enable Resilient Network Boot


Today, if a user deploying workloads via Ironic wants to the server to
be able
to network boot in spite of a failure of an interface card, Neutron's DHCP
service cannot provide an alternate interface card connected to the same
network with the same IP address.

We propose to allow resilient boot in ironic configurations by enhancing
Neutron's api to provide an association between the NICs and the IP address
and by enhancing Neutron's DHCP service to vend the IP address to any of
the NICs.

Problem description

Ironic represents compute hardware as Nova instances.  Each instance's
interface (NIC) to a network is represented by a Neutron port.  A port has a
single mac address and an IP address that cannot be shared with other ports.
So neutron cannot configure its DHCP service to serve a single IP address to
more than 1 mac because it cannot associate multiple macs with an IP.


* A port for all instance NICs on the network

  - requires multiple mac addresses

* A port per instance NIC

  - requires relationship between ports (e.g. common subnet)

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