As I know there is no a way to disable default security groups, but I think 
this BP can solve this problem:

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I have had discussions with some folks individually about this but I would like 
bring this to a broader audience.

I have been playing with security groups and I see the notion of 'default' 
security group seems to create some nuisance/issues.

There are list of things I have noticed so far:
Tenant for OpenStack services (normally named service/services) also ends up 
having default security group. 
Port create operation ends up ensuring default security groups for all the 
tenants as this completely seems out of the context of the tenant the port 
operation takes place. (bug?) 
Race conditions where if system is stressed and Neutron tries to ensure the 
first default security group and in parallel another call comes, Neutron ends 
up trying to create multiple default security groups as the checks for 
duplicate groups are invalidated as soon as the call make past a certain point 
in code.

Right this is a bug. We should catch this foreign key constraint exception here 
and pass as the default security group was already created. We do something 
similar here when ports are created as there is a similar race for 

API performance where orchestration chooses to spawn 1000 tenants and we see 
unnecessary overhead 
For plugins that use RESTful proxy backends require the backend systems to be 
up at the time neutron starts. [Minor, but affects some packaging solutions]

This is probably always a requirement for neutron to work so I don't think it's 

To summarize, is there a way to disable default security groups? Expected 
answer is no; can we introduce a way to disable it? If that does not make 
sense, should we go ahead and fix the issues around it? 

I think we should fix these bugs you pointed out.  

I am sure some of you must have seen some of these issues and solved them 
already. Please do share how do tackle these issues?


Fawad Khaliq

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