Recent sampling of test run times shows that our tempest jobs run
against clouds using PostgreSQL are significantly slower than jobs run
against clouds using MySQL.

(check|gate)-tempest-dsvm-full has an average run time of 52.9 minutes
(stddev 5.92 minutes) over 516 runs.
(check|gate)-tempest-dsvm-postgres-full has an average run time of 73.78
minutes (stddev 11.01 minutes) over 493 runs.

I think this is a bug and and an important one to solve prior to release
if we want to continue to care and feed for PostgreSQL support. I
haven't filed a bug in LP because I am not sure where the slowness is
and creating a bug against all the projects is painful. (If there are
suggestions for how to do this in a non painful way I will happily go
file a proper bug).

Is there interest in fixing this? If not we should probably reconsider
removing these PostgreSQL jobs from the gate.

Note, a quick spot check indicates the increase in job time is not
related to job setup. Total time before running tempest appears to be
just over 18 minutes in the jobs I checked.

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