On 09/18/2014 04:01 PM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> After having gone through the whole thread and read all the concerns,
> problems and reasonings, I think we should stick to requests as-is for
> now and deal with this particular issue.
> Regardless of the vendorized urllib3 package, I believe requests is a
> good library with an easy-to-consume API and it has solved several
> problems throughout OpenStack. Not to mention it's also helpped with
> making OpenStack more consistent. We've put a lot of effort to get to
> this point and I don't think we should revert all that because of the
> vendorized `urllib3` package.
> Cheers,
> Flavio

I, at least, haven't suggested that we stop using requests. Just that we
don't internally use any of the requests.packages.* stuff.

The rest of the debate about the good or bad things with vendorizing,
even if it is my view that it's a really bad thing, is IMO not
interesting for the OpenStack project.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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