The HDN plugin is purely for educational purposes.

I remember it worked with devstack, but as I've not run it for a while it
might be broken now.
If you've found this plugin you should also have found the slides which
introduced it.

First you should assess whether you need to implement a new plugin, a ML2
driver, or a service plugin.
The HDN example will be useful for you only in the first case.
Nevertheless, it does not cover interactions with 3rd party backends, and
neutron built-in agents.
It is merely an example showing how to provide an implementation of the
neutron v2 plugin interface using the DB mixing approach which most
plugins, including ML2, use.


On 18 September 2014 23:12, Edgar Magana <> wrote:

>  Daniel,
>  You can start with:
>  You can also take a look to one of the latest plugins in being merged:
>  If you are looking into a ML2 driver:
>  Cheers,
>  Edgar
>   From: openstack technology <>
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> Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 2:05 PM
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> >
> Subject: [openstack-dev] Documentation on writing a neutron plugin/driver
>    Hi All:
>  Is there any documentation on how to write a neutron plugin & drivers
> (including what files need to be changed), I could not find this on
> OpenStack documentation pages. I tried to use the "Hdn" example plugin and
> tried to integrate it as a part of "DevStack" but looks like the "Hdn"
> example plugin is incomplete.
> Any help on directions on how to write a neutron plugin & drivers (along
> with instructions on what files need to be changed).
>  Thank you.
>  Daniel
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