I'm aware it's not so easy to define a solution, so I'll expose my idea.

I was thinking about a "network flavor" that a tenant can associate to
VMs. Basically the network flavour is a QoS policy.

The admin can define the network flavors (Gold, Silver, ... call it as you
want) with a set of parameters (some visible to user, some not).

If we define this kind of flavours, a related quota should be define to
keep track the network resources.




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Using the quota system would be a nice option to have.  


Can you clarify what you mean by cumulative bandwidth for the tenant? It
would be possible to rate limit at the tenant router, but having a
cumulative limit enforced inside of a tenant would be difficult.


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Hello everyone,

Looking at the QoS blueprint (proposed for incubation), I suggest to
consider adding some parameters to Neutron Quotas. Let's suppose using
rate-limit for managing QoS. The quota parameters could be such as
rate_limit (per port) and max_bandwidth (per tenant). In this way it is
possible to set/manage QoS quotas from the admin side, and for instance
set the maximum bandwidth allowed per tenant (cumulative).

What do you think about it?


I'm cautious about this.  We'd either need to allow a "Number of DSCP
settings" and set them outside the quota or leave it out altogether.
Let's not forget that there's more than just rate limiting in QoS, and we
need to make sure all the options are included.  Otherwise, there's going
to be a lot of user and operator confusion as to what is and isn't
considered part of the quota.







Giuseppe Cossu



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