On 09/19/2014 05:14 PM, Morgan Fainberg wrote:
> Hello Everyone! 
> After contributing consistently to OpenStack since the Grizzly cycle and more 
> specifically to Keystone since Havana, I’d like to put my name into the hat 
> for the Keystone PTL role during the Kilo release cycle. I’ve been a core 
> developer on Keystone since the latter part of the Havana cycle and have 
> largely been focused on the improvement of performance and consistency of the 
> Keystone APIs, helping new developers contribute to OpenStack, and working 
> cross-team to ensure the other projects have the support they need from 
> Keystone to succeed.  
> My primary interests for project the continued drive of stability and 
> improvement on the user experience. This direction involves finding a balance 
> between the desires for new features and improving upon what we’ve already 
> developed. In the last two cycles I’ve seen an incredible move towards making 
> Keystone a more full featured Authentication, Authorization, and Audit 
> program. This in no small part is credited to the incredible team of 
> contributors (whether they are operations-focused and providing feedback, 
> developers working on cleaner enterprise integration such as federated 
> identity, or anything in between).  
> For the Kilo cycle I would like to see Keystone development focus on 
> improving the experience for everyone interacting with the service. This 
> continues to place a very heavy focus on improvement of the client and 
> middleware (keystoneclient, keystonemiddleware, and the integration of the 
> other OpenStack client libraries/cli tools with keystoneclient to use 
> Sessions, pluggable auth, etc). This focus on client work will also be aimed 
> at finishing the work needed to get all OpenStack projects fully utilizing 
> and working with the Keystone V3 API. 
> In terms of the Keystone service itself, I would like to see a balance of 
> somewhere about 25% new development (wholly new features) that are landed 
> early in the release cycle and 75% of development efforts on improving the 
> features we have as of the Juno release. This latter 75% would include 
> continued enhancements to systems such as federation, expanded auth 
> mechanisms, a heavy focus on overall performance (including a continued hard 
> look at token performance), a focus improvement on the tests to ensure we 
> test and gate on real-world deployment scenarios, and smoothing out the rough 
> edges when interacting with Keystone’s APIs. 
> In short, I think we’ve been largely heading the right direction with 
> Keystone, but there are still a lot of things we can do to improve and in the 
> process not only pay down some technical debt we may have accrued but make 
> Keystone significantly better for our developers, deployers, and users. 
> Last of all, I want to say that above and beyond everything else, as PTL, I 
> am looking to support the outstanding community of developers so that we can 
> continue Keystone’s success. Without the dedication and hard work of everyone 
> who has contributed to Keystone we would not be where we are today. I am 
> extremely pleased with how far we’ve come and look forward to seeing the 
> continued success as we move into the Kilo release cycle and beyond not just 
> for Keystone but all of OpenStack. 
> Cheers, 
> Morgan Fainberg
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> Morgan Fainberg
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