On 19/09/14 01:10, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
Angus Salkeld <asalk...@mirantis.com> wrote on 09/18/2014 09:33:56 PM:


I am trying to add some docs to openstack-manuals hot_guide about
using provider templates : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/121741/

Mike has suggested we use a different term, he thinks "provider" is
I agree that at the minimum, it is not very descriptive.

Mike has suggested "nested stack", I personally think this means
something a
bit more general to many of us (it includes the concept of aws stacks)
and may
I suggest "template resource" - note this is even the class name for
this exact functionality.


Option 1) stay as is "provider templates"
Option 2) "nested stack"
Option 3) "template resource"

Thanks for rising to the documentation challenge and trying to get good

I think your intent is to describe a category of resources, so your option
3 is superior to option 1 --- the thing being described is not a template,
it is a resource (made from a template).

I think

Option 4) "custom resource"

"Custom resource" has a specific and very different meaning in CloudFormation that is likely to come back to bite us if we overload it.


would be even better.  My problem with "template resource" is that, to
someone who does not already know what it means, this looks like it might
be a kind of resource that is a template (e.g., for consumption by some
other resource that does something with a template), rather than itself
being something made from a template.  If you want to follow this
direction to something perfectly clear, you might try "templated resource"
(which is a little better) or "template-based resource" (which I think is
pretty clear but a bit wordy) --- but an AWS::CloudFormation::Stack is
also based on a template.  I think that if you try for a name that really
says all of the critical parts of the idea, you will get something that is
too wordy and/or awkward.  It is true that "custom resource" begs the
question of how the user accomplishes her customization, but at least now
we have the reader asking the right question instead of being misled.

I agree that "nested stack" is a more general concept.  It describes the
net effect, which the things we are naming have in common with
AWS::CloudFormation::Stack.  I think it would make sense for our
documentation to say something like "both an AWS::CloudFormation::Stack
and a custom resource are ways to specify a nested stack".

It more or less does, but you're welcome to propose a patch to clarify:



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