[OK, I'll bite...just once more...because dammit I want this crap fixed

I know you know this Monty, but for the benefit of the folks who don't, the
client library situation is a result of them belonging to the projects they
serve, each one[0] forked from a different one forked from jkm's original,
without having any sort of mechanism to stay in sync, like a cross-project
(BINGO!) effort to keep things consistent.

We may not want a BDFL, but we NEED someone to say NO when necessary for
the sake of the entire project.  Jeez, now I'm sounding all enterprisey.

On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Monty Taylor <mord...@inaugust.com> wrote:

>         except exc.Unauthorized:
>             raise exc.CommandError("Invalid OpenStack credentials.")
>         except exc.AuthorizationFailure:
>             raise exc.CommandError("Unable to authorize user")
> This is pervasive enough that both of those exceptions come from
> openstack.common.

If thats from apiclient, I have a guess.  apiclient was an attempt (by
someone who got frustrated and left us) to build a common core for the
clients.  However, in many ways wound up being a UNION of them.  And scene.

I'm guessing that what it actually is is that randomly some things
return one, some things return the other, and there is absolutely no
> rhyme nor reason. Or, more likely, that termie liked the spelling of one
> of them better.

I like that explanation but this isn't from OCL.  Actually we'd have been
much farther down the road if we had used Termie's bits a year ago. Whether
that is a bug or a feature is left to the reader to decide.

Code speaks, sometimes, so I'm going back to writing some more client bits.
 Someone come help.


[0] except swift and glance, both of which were originally in the server


Dean Troyer
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