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> Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [nova] are we going to remove the novaclient v3 
> shell or what?
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> > > DevStack doesn't register v2.1 endpoint to keytone now, but we can use
> > > it with calling it directly.
> > > It is true that it is difficult to use v2.1 API now and we can check
> > > its behavior via v3 API instead.
> >
> > I posted a patch[1] for registering v2.1 endpoint to keystone, and I 
> > confirmed
> > --service-type option of current nova command works for it.
> >
> Ah - I'd misunderstood where we'd got to with the v2.1 endpoint, thanks for 
> putting me straight.
> So with this in place then yes I agree we could stop fixing the v3 client.
> Since its actually broken for even operations like boot do we merge in the 
> changes I pushed this week so it can still
> do basic functions, or just go straight to removing v3 from the client ?

That would depend on what we will implement through v2.1+microversions.
If the interface of the microversions is almost the same as v3 API, current
v3 code of novaclient would be useful. Otherwise, it would be better to remove
the code from novaclient.
I posted a mail[1] for the direction of v2.1+microversions, I am glad if we get
some consensus/direction.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi


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