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> On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 11:03:02AM +0000, Day, Phil wrote:
> > Hi Folks,
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> > I'd like to get some opinions on the use of pairs of notification
> > messages for simple events.   I get that for complex operations on
> > an instance (create, rebuild, etc) a start and end message are useful
> > to help instrument progress and how long the operations took. However
> > we also use this pattern for things like aggregate creation, which is
> > just a single DB operation - and it strikes me as kind of overkill and
> > probably not all that useful to any external system compared to a
> > single event ".create" event after the DB operation.
> A start + end pair is not solely useful for timing, but also potentially 
> detecting
> if it completed successfully. eg if you receive an end event notification you
> know it has completed. That said, if this is a use case we want to target, 
> then
> ideally we'd have a third notification for this failure case, so consumers 
> don't
> have to wait & timeout to detect error.

I'm just a tad worried that this sounds like its starting to use notification 
as a replacement for logging.    If we did this for every CRUD operation on an 
object don't we risk flooding the notification system.

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