On 22/09/14 12:32 PM, Matthew Treinish wrote:
> I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for another term as PTL of the QA
> program.
> The Juno cycle has been very productive with some big developments in the QA
> program including: being the first cycle to implement branchless Tempest,
> starting tempest-lib, and consolidating the devstack program with the QA
> program. This cycle was also unique in that we identified some large scaling
> limits with our current integrated gating model. Together with infra we came 
> up
> with some substantial changes to try and address these issues.[1] 
> Just as OpenStack itself has been growing and evolving the QA program has been
> undergoing similar changes. I personally feel that scaling with the rest of
> OpenStack has been one of the biggest challenges for the QA program. This will
> continue to be true in Kilo as well. However, it's definitely something I feel
> that we can continue to address and be solved by working together as a 
> community
> to come up with new solutions to as these new issues appear. Moving forward
> I expect that working towards this will be a top priority for everyone, not 
> just
> QA and Infra, but for the QA program specifically I expect that this change in
> our gating model will continue to heavily influence the development goals into
> Kilo.
> For Kilo I also have a couple of other separate priorities, firstly to make 
> the
> QA projects more modular and reusable. [2] This is to in order to make 
> consuming
> QA program projects easier to use by themselves. Also by making each project
> more targeted and externally consumable it should make it easier to build off 
> of
> them and use each project for different scenarios both in and outside of the
> gate. Tempest-lib was the start of this effort late in Juno, and I expect this
> trend will continue into Kilo.
> My other larger priority for Kilo is to work on making the QA projects more
> accessible. This is something I outlined as a priority for a Juno cycle, [3] 
> and
> I think we've made good progress on this so far. But, recent larger 
> discussions
> we've had in the OpenStack community have made it clear that there is still a
> lot of work left on making it clearer how things work. Whether it be improving
> the UX or the documentation around the projects in the QA program or coming up
> with better channels to improve cross-project communication this is something 
> I
> view as very important for Kilo. Also, by working on this it will hopefully
> enable growing the communities and number of contributors for the QA program
> projects.
> I'm looking forward to helping make Kilo another great cycle, and I hope to 
> have
> the opportunity to continue leading the QA program and work towards making a
> better OpenStack with the rest of the community.
> Thanks,
> Matt Treinish
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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