Thanks for your interest in GBP, responses inline.

On Sun, Sep 21, 2014 at 11:35 PM, Sachi Gupta <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Request you all to provide inputs on below understanding:
> Openstack: Group-based policy is a blueprint for Juno-3 release of
> Openstack. It will extend OpenStack Networking with policy and connectivity
> abstractions that enable significantly more simplified and
> application-oriented interfaces than with the current Neutron API model.
> When will be the code ready for Group-based policy as an open source?

The code has been in review in gerrit for a while now, you can find
all the links to all the patches here:
We are also consolidating this code in Stackforge so that its usable
starting  from the Juno release.

> Openstack group policy API will be an extension to the Neutron APIs. There
> will be a policy manager to manage the policy and policy rules. Will GBP a
> part of neutron?? If yes, then will GBP be a part of Horizon under neutron?

The wiki page above has links to client, Horizon and Heat patches.

> Policy driver which will act as an interface(ODL Policy Driver). For eg. we
> used neutron ML2 plugin as an interface between Openstack neutron and ODL
> neutron northbound. When will the policy driver for ODL available?
> Openstack policy driver for ODL will act as an interface to ODL. Which API
> in ODL, Policy calls from Openstack ODL Policy driver will be hitting??

I know that this was planned, so you would probably need to check with
the author of the following patch for the status on this:
We can also bring this up for discussion during the weekly IRC:

> Thanks & Regards
> Sachi Gupta
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