On 09/18/2014 10:04 PM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> All of the final releases for the Oslo libraries for the Juno cycle are 
> available on PyPI. I’m working on a couple of patches to the global 
> requirements list to update the baseline in the applications. In all cases, 
> the final release is a second tag on a previously released version.
> - oslo.config - 1.4.0 (same as
> - oslo.db - 1.0.0 (same as 0.5.0)
> - oslo.i18n - 1.0.0 (same as 0.4.0)
> - oslo.messaging - 1.4.0 (same as
> - oslo.rootwrap - 1.3.0 (same as
> - oslo.serialization - 1.0.0 (same as 0.3.0)
> - oslosphinx - 2.2.0 (same as
> - oslotest - 1.1.0 (same as
> - oslo.utils - 1.0.0 (same as 0.3.0)
> - cliff - 1.7.0 (previously tagged, so not a new release)
> - stevedore - 1.0.0 (same as
> Congratulations and *Thank You* to the Oslo team for doing an amazing job 
> with graduations this cycle!
> Doug


Here in Debian, I have a *huge* mess with versionning with oslo.messaging.

tl;dr: Because of that version number mess, please add a tag 1.4.1 to
oslo.messaging now and use it everywhere instead of 1.4.0.

Longer version:

What happened is that Chuck released a wrong version of Keystone (eg:
the trunk rather than the stable branch). Therefore, I uploaded a
version 1.4.0 beta version of olso.messaging in Debian Unstable/Jessie,
because I thought the Icehouse version of Keystone needed it. (Sid /
Jessie is supposed to keep Icehouse stuff only.)

That would have been about fine, if only I didn't upgraded
oslo.messaging to the last version in Sid, because I didn't want to keep
a beta release in Jessie. Though this last version depends on
oslo.config, then probably even more.

So I reverted the upload in Debian Sid, by uploading version, which as its name may suggest, really is a 1.3.1
version (I did that to avoid having an EPOC and need to re-upload
updates of all reverse dependencies of oslo.messaging). That's fine,
we're covered for Sid/Jessie.

But then, the Debian Experimental version of oslo.messaging is lower
than the one in Sid/Jessie, so I have breakage there.

If we declare a new 1.4.1, and have this fixed in our
global-requirements.txt, then everything goes back in order for me, I
get back on my feets. Otherwise, I'll have to deal with this, and make
fake version numbers which will not match anything real released by
OpenStack, which may lead to even more mistakes.

So, could you please at least:
- add a "git tag 1.4.1" to oslo.messaging right now, matching 1.4.0

This will make sure that nobody will use 1.4.1 again, and that I'm fine
using this version number in Debian Experimental, which will be higher
than the one in Sid.

And then, optionally, it would help me if you could (but I can leave
without it):
- Use 1.4.1 for oslo.messaging in global-requirements.txt
- Have every project that needs 1.4.0 bump to 1.4.1 as well

This would be a lot less work than for me to declare an EPOC in the
oslo.messaging package, and fix all reverse dependencies. The affected
packages for Juno for me are:
- ceilometer
- cinder
- designate
- glance
- heat
- ironic
- keystone
- neutron
- nova
- oslo-config
- oslo.rootwrap
- oslo.i18n
- python-pycadf

I'd have to upload updates for all of them even if we use 1.4.1 instead
of using an EPOC (eg: 1:1.4.0), but that's still much better for me to
use 1.4.1 than an EPOC. EPOC are ugly (because not visible in file
names) and confusing (it's easy to forget them), and non-reversible, so
I'd like to avoid it if possible.

I'm sorry for the mess and added work.

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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