On 23/09/14 08:58, Flavio Percoco wrote:
I believe the guarantee is still useful and it currently does not
represent an issue for the service nor the user. 2 things could happen
to FIFO in the future:

1. It's made optional and we allow users to opt-in in a per flavor
basis. (I personally don't like this one because it makes
interoperability even harder).

Hmm, I'm not so sure this is such a bad option. I criticised flavours earlier in this thread on the assumption that it meant every storage back-end would have its own semantics, and those would be surfaced to the user in the form of flavours - that does indeed make interoperability very hard.

The same issue does not arise for options implemented in Zaqar itself. If every back-end supports FIFO semantics but Zaqar has a layer that distributes the queue among multiple backends or not, depending on the flavour selected by the user, then there would be no impact on interoperability as the same semantics would be available regardless of the back-end chosen by the operator.

2. It's removed completely (Again, I personally don't like this one
because I don't think we have strong enough cases to require this to

That said, there's just 1 thing I think will happen for now, it'll be
kept as-is unless there are strong cases that'd require (1) or (2). All
this should be considered in the discussion of the API v2, whenever that

I think this is it ;)


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