Sorry for the vague subject[1]. I just wanted to commend Flavio Percoco
and the Zaqar team for maintaining poise and being excellent citizens
of OpenStack whilst being questioned intensely by the likes of me,
and others.

I feel that this questioning has been useful, and will allow us to reason
about Zaqar in the future. So, I recommend that we stop questioning,
and start coding.

If you feel that a lighter weight system with different guarantees will
serve the users of OpenStack better than Zaqar, then own up and write it.

Meanwhile, I suggest we spend our communication bandwidth and effort
on reasoning about the bigger problem that Zaqar exposes, and which I
think Monty has highlighted in his recent thread about the big tent.

Anyway, thanks for listening.


[1] The subject is a reference to beating a dead horse. Zaqar is not a
horse, and is not dead. The first person to get angry about my declaration
of Zaqar's death should be asked to wear a ridiculous sombrero to the
next summit.

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