Folks – we have gotten into a couple of loose habits in our mad dash to beta 1 
that we need to tighten up on.  I’ve asked Ryan to set geritt up to fail 
reviews when the commit id does not contain one of the following, so please add 
them to your commit.  In addition please make your commit message useful and 
with enough detail that the reviewer knows what he/she is reviewing.

Implements-Story: XXX
Fixes-Bug: YYY

Other issues

Do not +2 your own patch .  We won’t enforce this unless we need to, but don’t 
do it

Reviewed pushed on master and containing multiple changes

You should create a branch to hold your work and name it something that makes 
sense.  This branch should ONLY contain this work.  When you checkin your code 
it makes it much easier for the reviewer to understand what you are doing.  If 
you have work that is dependent on other work, create a dependency on your 

I.e. Git checkout –b <branch name>  where branch name is bug/1234 or 

This is the openstack workflow – which talks about how to do dependencies, 
rebating etc.  It’s a pretty good guide.

Anyone have other guides they want to share on a good workflow?

Let me know if you have comments or suggestions.
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