I would like to discuss the documentation process and align it to OpenStack

At the moment we add special tags to bugs in Launchpad which is not optimal
as everyone can add/remove tags
cannot participate in documentation process or
enforce documentation process.

I suggest to switch to standard workflow that is used by OpenStack community
All we need is to move the process of tracking documentation from launchpad
to gerrit

This process gives more control to individual developers or community for
tracking the changes and reflect them in documentation.

Every reviewer checks the commit. If he thinks that this commit requires
documentation update, he will set -1 with comment message "Docs impact

This will force the author of patchset to update commit with "DocImpact"
commit message

Our documentation team will get all messages with DocImpact from 'git log'.
The documentation team will make a documentation where the author of patch
will play a key role. All other reviewers from original patch must give own
+1 for documentation update.

Patches in fuel-docs may have the same Change-ID as original patch. It will
allow us to match documentation and patches in Gerrit.

More details about DocImpact flow ban be obtained at


Best regards,
Sergii Golovatiuk,
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