On 25/09/14 12:10 AM, Anne Gentle wrote:
> I'm writing to announce my candidacy for the Documentation Program
> Technical Lead (PTL).
> The past six months have flown by. I still recall writing up wish lists
> per-deliverable on the plane home from the Atlanta Summit and the great
> news is many are completed. Of course we still have a lot to do.
> We face many challenges as an open source community as we grow and define
> ourselves through our users. As documentation specialists, we have to be
> creative with our resourcing for documentation as the number of teams and
> services increases each release. This release we have:
> - experimented with using RST sourcing for a chapter about Heat Templates
> - managed to keep automating where it makes sense, using the toolset we
> keep improving upon
> - held another successful book sprint for the Architecture and Design Guide
> - split out a repo for the training group focusing not only on training
> guides but also scripts and other training specialties
> - split out the Security Guide with their own review team; completed a
> thorough review of that guide
> - split out the High Availability Guide with their own review team from
> discussions at the Ops Meetup
> - began a Networking Guide pulling together as many interested parties as
> possible before and after the Ops Meetup with a plan for hiring a contract
> writer to work on it with the community
> - added the openstack common client help text to the CLI Reference
> - added Chinese, German, French, and Korean language landing pages to the
> docs site
> - generated config option tables with each milestone release (with few
> exceptions of individual projects)
> - lost a key contributor to API docs (Diane's stats didn't decline far yet:
> - still working towards a new design for page-based docs
> - still working on API reference information
> - still working on removing "spec" API documents to avoid duplication and
> confusion
> - still testing three of four install guides for the JUNO release (that
> we're nearly there is just so great)
> So you can see we have much more to do, but we have come so far. Even in
> compiling this list I worry I'm missing items, there's just so much scope
> to OpenStack docs. We serve users, deployers, administrators, and app
> developers. It continues to be challenging but we keep looking for ways to
> make it work.
> We have seen amazing contributors like Andreas Jaeger, Matt Kassawara,
> Gauvain Pocentek, and Christian Berendt find their stride and shine. Yes, I
> could name more but these people have done an incredible job this release.
> I'm especially eager to continue collaborating with great managers like
> Nick Chase at Mirantis and Lana Brindley at Rackspace -- they see what we
> can accomplish when enterprise doc teams work well with an upstream.
> They're behind-the-scenes much of the time but I must express my gratitude
> to these two pros up front.
> Thanks for your consideration. I'd be honored to continue to serve in this
> role.
> Anne
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