On 22/09/14 11:04, Anant Patil wrote:

In convergence, we discuss about having concurrent updates to a stack. I
wanted to know if it is safe to assume that the an update will be a
super set of it's previous updates. Understanding this is critical to
arrive at implementation of concurrent stack operations.

Assuming that an admin will have VCS setup and will issue requests by
checking-out the template and modifying it, I could see that the updates
will be incremental and not discreet. Is this assumption correct? When
an update is issued before a previous update is complete, would the
template for that be based on the template of previously issued
incomplete update or the last completed one?


The only thing that matters is that we get to the state described in the latest template. With multiple updates rippling through at a time, it's likely that neither the last completed update nor the last issued update is representative of the current state that we need to modify.

Actually, given that updates can fail part-way through, that's already the case. That's why we now update the template incrementally in the database as we make individual changes.


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