On 09/26/2014 08:34 AM, James E. Blair wrote:
> I'm pleased to nominate Anito Kuno to the project-config core team.
> The project-config repo is a constituent of the Infrastructure Program
> and has a core team structured to be a superset of infra-core with
> additional reviewers who specialize in the area.
> Anita has been reviewing new projects in the config repo for some time
> and I have been treating her approval as required for a while.  She has
> an excellent grasp of the requirements and process for creating new
> projects and is very helpful to the people proposing them (who are often
> creating their first commit to any OpenStack repository).
> She also did most of the work in actually creating the project-config
> repo from the config repo.
> Please respond with support or concerns and if the consensus is in
> favor, we will add her next week.


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