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Rackspace Australia

On 9/27/14 1:35 AM, James E. Blair wrote:
I'm pleased to nominate Andreas Jaeger to the project-config core team.

The project-config repo is a constituent of the Infrastructure Program
and has a core team structured to be a superset of infra-core with
additional reviewers who specialize in the area.

Andreas has been doing an incredible amount of work simplifying the
Jenkins and Zuul configuration for some time.  He's also been making it
more complicated where it needs to be -- making the documentation jobs
in particular a model of efficient re-use that is far easier to
understand than what he replaced.  In short, he's an expert in Jenkins
and Zuul configuration and both his patches and reviews are immensely

Please respond with support or concerns and if the consensus is in
favor, we will add him next week.



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