Hi all,

I would like to know if is possible to customize the image list in project 
dashboard in Horizon Icehouse. I want to make some modifications in the HTML 
table, but ONLY for image list in project dashboard.

-          Is it possible?

-          How can I customize this view?

-          Is there a procedure to customize specific HTML's in Horizon?

The modification that I want to do is this: 

I've deep on the code and I realized that I need to re-define these HTML's:

-          /horizon/templates/horizon/common/_data_table.html

-          /horizon/templates/horizon/common/_data_table_table_actions.html

-          /horizon/templates/horizon/common/_data_table_cell.html

I've achieved to re-define "_data_table.html" file for image list on project 
dashboard, I've just copy paste that file to 
/openstack_dashboard/templates/images/ directory and change the value of 
"template" parameter to "images/_data_table.html" in Meta class [1]. I tried to 
do the same procedure to re-define other files, but the django and horizon 
loaders don't check on /openstack_dashboard/templates/ directory for 
table_actions and table_cell re-definition (Meta class doesn't have parameter 
for more templates).

Thank you.

Best regards,

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