On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Nader Lahouti <nader.laho...@gmail.com>

> I haven't modified the default values in *.conf files (I'm using devstack
> for installation) for workers setting.
> How  to check that keystone is using apache with 10 worker process?
> And the number of CPU cores on my box is 32.
About two weeks ago we changed DevStack to default to setting the worker
count to NPROC / 2, with a minimum of 2.  As of today, this will set
workers for ceilometer (non-mod_wsgi), cinder, glance, keystone
(non-mod_wsgi), nova, swift and trove.

This is controlled by API_WORKERS in local.conf.



Dean Troyer
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